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Why does the JJC JF-U1 wireless flash trigger not trigger my flash?

  2015-01-28  FAQ

A. Please check if the battery is installed correctly and has power.
B. Please check if the channel you set for the transmitter matches the receiver’s channel. Here is the way to test if the channel matches: Firstly shift the mode switch on the top of receiver to “camera” option, then press the test button on the top of the transmitter, the light on both the transmitter and receiver will turn red.
C. After confirming the channel match, mount the transmitter on the camera hotshoe, mount your flash on the receiver, and do remember to shift back the mode switch on the top of receiver to “flash” option. Then, when you press the camera’s shutter button, your flash will fire.( Note: Under such a situation that the receiver is on “flash” option, if you press the test button on the transmitter, the flash won’t fire, you will have to press the camera shutter button to fire your flash)
D. Since this is not a TTL type flash trigger, make sure your flash is set on manual mode.
E. Since the sync speed is 1/250s, to make your flash work properly, make sure the camera shutter speed is not faster than 1/250s.

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