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What is the difference between JJC JM series and JM-II series radio frequency remote control?

  2015-05-20  FAQ

The JJC JM series radio frequency remote control has been discontinued, its replacement is the JM-II series and it has below improvements:

A.The camera connecting cable included is a coiled cable, the remote socket on the receiver is redesigned to be compatible with the JJC Cable series camera    connecting cables. So, now, you never need to worry about losing the camera connecting cable, as this cable is offered anywhere in the market. What is  more,  you can purchase more cables to work with the JM-II series if you own more than one camera, in this way, you can spend less money but enjoy more fun.

B.JM-II series has a function of 3 continuous shoot which JM series does not have.

C.JM-II series has a function of 5 second delay shot, while JM series features 3 second delay shot.

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