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GPS Adapter Cord Design for NIKON cameras
Mdl#JC-35        Sku#36808

The JC-35 GPS adapter cord connects NIKON D series digital cameras to GPS receivers, allowing the current longitude, latitude, altitude, and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to be recorded with each photograph taken. 

Supported GPS Devices:

The NIKON D series cameras support the following products that conform to version 2.01 or 3.01 of the National Marine Electronics Association NMEA0183 protocol:

• Garmin eTrex, Geko, 60, 76, Rino, GPS, GPSMAP series

• Magellan SporTrak series

A nine-pin D-sub computer interface cable supplied by the manufacturer is required for connection to the JC-35.

Remote Terminal Accessories

The JC-35 remote terminal can be connected with remote switch while using GPS data. The following cable remote switches can be connected to the JC-35 remote terminal:

JJC MA-C remote switch

JJC MR-C remote switch

JJC PW-C1 pre-trigger cable

JJC PW-C2 motor cord


Weight Approximately 42 g (including ferrite core)

Operating temperature 0 °C–40 °C (32 °F–104 °F)

Dimensions (W × D × H) Approximately 37 mm × 50 mm × 20 mm (excluding cable)

Length of cord Approximately 250 mm (14˝) 

JJC JC-35 replaces NIKON MC-35 GPS adapter cord.

Product Compatibility List:

NIKON Cameras:D2X  D2HD2HS  D2XS  D3 D200  D300


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