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Sony Alpha/Minolta AF Lens-Sony E-Mount Adapter
Mdl#LMA-SM_EM        Sku#96901

Made of black anodized aluminium (camera body mount) and brass silver (lens mount) the KIWIFOTOS LMA-SM_EM lens mount adapter allows the use of Sony Alpha/Minolta AF lenses on the Sony E-Mount NEX Camera such as NEX3/NEX5. With the adapter your Sony NEX camera will no longer limit to one lens but a variety of Sony/Minolta lenses for great picture quality and more fun. 

The adapter is manual and does not provide auto-focusing and auto-diaphragm therefore, use the lens in the fully manual exposure mode (M), or in the aperture priority (A) mode. When shooting in manual focus, look at the LCD screen or finder to focus. Depending on your lens, the actual distance may differ slightly from the distance scale of the lens. Select MF assist function on the screen to focus accurately (7x or 14x zoom focus). Please be aware that the minimum focal distance may increase when shooting with the mount adaptor. Focusing can be infinity.

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