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Snap-On Cap 95mm
Mdl#KLC-95        Sku#78730

KIWIFOTOS KLC Series are center-squeeze snap-on type lens caps for lenses in different diameters. KLC series lens cap protects the lens from scratches, moisture, dust and fingerprints when the lens is not in use. Made of ABS, the lens cap is lightweight and durable. A hole is designed on the top of cap to get through a string, which is effective to prevent losing. Besides, this cap is designed to use with filter and lens hood simultaneously. 

Product Highlights

Compatible with lenses in different diameters

Protects lens from scratches, moisture, dust and fingerprints

Made of ABS, lightweight and durable

Designed with a string hole to prevent losing

Used with UV filter and lens hood simultaneously

WeightNet  Weightg39g
Gross Weightg42.5g

Full Size102*102*9.6mm
SizePackagePackaging typePlastic bag

Packing size166*120*10mm

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