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49mm Natural Night Filter
Mdl#F-RN49        Sku#65860

Light pollution often occurs in areas of the night sky that are above or near concentrated and intense sources of artificial light such as cities. These light sources include exterior and interior lamps for commercial or residential buildings, brightly lit advertisements such as billboards, streetlamps, as well as sports and entertainment venues. The combination of these sources will result in a type of light pollution known as skyglow, where individual stars, the Milky Way, and other astronomical features in the night sky are obscured. 

The JJC F-RN Natural Night Filter can filter out light pollution of specific wave band(mainly reduces yellow light) made by sodium-vapor lamps, mercury-vapor lamps, and Low CRI(Color Rendering Index) LEDs within urban areas, while maintain high transmittance in the emission line of the nebular, to darken the artificial sources and improve the contrast. When using the natural night filter, the color of the image is pure, the stars on the image are clear and the transparency of the whole image has been improved greatly. Additionally, the overall color of the sunset is yellow, which is full of poor sense of depth and whose color is relatively single. After using the filter, the sky is bluer in the image and the color is vivid, pure and full of layers.

The JJC F-RN Natural Night Filter reduces light pollution in images or videos when shooting the night scene, which saturates colors for real color images. The filter has 9-layer coating on each surface of the glass. The multiple coatings makes the filter anti-scratch, anti-static, anti-fingerprints, oil and water-resistant. After fine grinding and polishing, clear image quality and high color accuracy are ensured. The frame is made of high quality aluminium alloy and the thickness is only 3mm, which can effectively avoid vignetting when using. Besides that, the filter comes with a delicate moistureproof filter case to protect your filter and for easy carrying. The JJC F-RN Natural Night Filter has different thread sizes available from 49-82mm.

Product Highlights

Reduces light pollution in images or videos when shooting the night scene

Saturates colors effectively for real color images

Constructed from HD optical glass with Nano coating

9-layer coating on each surface of the glass

Anti-scratch, anti-static, anti-fingerprints, oil and water-resistant

3mm high quality aluminium alloy frame

Comes with a protective filter case

Different thread sizes available from 49-82mm

WeightNet  Weight(g)7g
Gross Weight(g)91g
SizeFull Sizeφ51.7*5mm
PackagePackaging typeCarton
Packing size105*115*20mm
MaterialAluminium Alloy+Optical Glass

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