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Electronic Speedlight
Mdl#SF33        Sku#00588

JJC Electronic Speedlight SF33 is created for soften the light on the subject. In bounce flash photography, use the built-in bounce card to create a highlight in the subject's eyes, making the eyes look more vibrant. It adopts a standard hot shoe mount to be used on most cameras. SF33 has seven flash power levels to allow precise brightness adjustment. The clear control panel on the back of the unit allows for simple operation. There are three different working modes: Manual, SLAVE A, SLAVE B to suit different environment. The rotating head can be tilted up to 90° and rotated horizontally 180° to the left or 90° to the right. The SF33 also features an optical slave control function. There are two different slave modes: SLAVE A and SLAVE B. What’ more, SF33 has a high temperature protection and power save function. The recycling time of the battery can be as fast as 3 seconds. There is a PC sync terminal on the side of the speedlight. All these features make it a functional tool in lighting photography.

Compatible with cameras or camcorders with standard hot shoe .

Also compatible with Sony A6300, A7, A7S, A7R, A7 II, A7S II, A7R II.



Flash index


Circuit design


Power source

4 "AA" alkaline or NI-MH battery

Battery life

100-1600 times


3 seconds NI-MH battery, 6 seconds alkaline

Wireless Remote Flash

built-in slave feature (Slave A, Slave B)

Power Ratio

7 steps (1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64)

Power saving

Auto Power off after 60minutes in M mode

Color temperature



72mm ×168mm × 56mm 



Bounce and Rotating Head

Bounce up: 45°,60°, 75°, 90°

Bounce left: 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°,180°

Bounce right: 30°, 60°, 90°

Diffuser and Reflector

Wide flash adapter and catch light reflector

Soften the light on the subject




One year warranty

Is it work for sony a350? LAM CW
JJC: Dear customer, the SF33 flash works with Sony A350, but a hot shoe adapter (JJC JSC-6) is REQUIRED. Thanks!
Is this a "TTL" flash? Will it work with the Olympus E-M10?Michael N
JJC: Dear Customer, JJC SF33 works with the Olympus E-M10, but it does not have TTL flash mode.
Hello, Is the SF33 suitable for use with an Olympus Pen EP-2, and or a Panasonic GH-2 ? Kind regards Arthur Norton.Arthur Norton
JJC: Yes, the SF33 flash works with Olympus Pen EP-2 and Panasonic GH-2. Thanks!
Can this speedlght be triggered by the JF-U1 / JF-U2 devices? I suppose they do, but I didn't find any information about this. Thanks.Uwe
JJC: Yes, JJC JF-U1/JF-U2 works with JJC SF33 speedlight.
worst Flash ever.... :( iam going to upload a review video on youtube which showing all the defects of this product.Arun m s
JJC: Dear Client, Thank you for being interested in our product. Would you please kindly tell us about the problem of JJC SF33. Many thanks for your help.
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